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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Nick's Catholic Classics Reading List, Part III

Here is part three of Nick’s Catholic Classics Reading List. See this page for a further explanation of where this list came from.

Books that showed up on 2 of 16 lists, authors A-J:
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Karl Adam — The Spirit of Catholicism
St. Anselm — Proslogium
St. Athanasius — The Life of Saint Anthony
Hilaire Belloc — The Great Heresies
Hilaire Belloc — How The Reformation Happened
Hilaire Belloc — Survivals and New Arrivals
St. Benedict — The Rule of St. Benedict
Robert Hugh Benson — Lord of the World
Georges Bernanos — The Diary of a Country Priest
Boethius — The Consolation of Philosophy
M. Eugene Boylan — This Tremendous Lover
M. Eugene Boylan — Difficulties in Mental Prayer
St. Catherine of Siena — Little Talks with God (modernized version of The Dialogues)
Jean-Baptiste Chautard — The Soul of the Apostolate
G.K. Chesterton — The Man Who Was Thursday
G.K. Chesterton — The Father Brown Mysteries
G.K. Chesterton — Everlasting Man
G.K. Chesterton — Orthodoxy
G.K. Chesterton — St. Thomas Aquinas
G.K. Chesterton — St. Francis of Assisi
Richard Crashaw — Poems
Christopher Dawson — Christianity and European Culture
Dorothy Day — The Long Loneliness
St. Francis de Sales — Treatise on the Love of God
Frederick William Faber — All for Jesus
St. Francis of Assisi — The Little Flowers of St. Francis
Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange — The Three Ages of Interior Life, I and II
Graham Greene — Brighton Rock
Romano Guardini — End of the Modern World
St. Ignatius of Loyola - Spiritual Exercises
Bl. Jacobus de Voragine — The Golden Legend

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