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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nick's Catholic Classics Reading List, Part VIII

Here (finally!) is part eight of Nick’s Catholic Classics Reading List. See this page for a further explanation of where this list came from.

Books that showed up on 1 of 16 lists, authors N-Z:
John Henry Cardinal Newman — The Dream of Gerontius
Ludwig Ott — Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma
Fulton Oursler — The Greatest Story Ever Told
Walker Percy — Love in the Ruins
Walker Percy — The Second Coming
Bonaventure Perquin — Abba Father
Josef Pieper — The Four Cardinal Virtues
Augustin Poulain — The Graces of Interior Prayer
Pierre Pourrat — Christian Spirituality
Ferdinand Prat — Theology of St. Paul
Ferdinand Prat — Jesus Christ: His Life, His Teaching, and His Works
Ottokar Prohaszka — Meditations on the Gospels
Prudentius — Poems
Prudentius — Hymns
Giuseppe Ricciotti — The Life of Jesus Christ
Giuseppe Ricciotti — The History of Israel
Giuseppe Ricciotti — Paul the Apostle
Giuseppe Ricciotti — The Age of Martyrs: Christianity from Diocletian to Constantine
Charles E. Rice — 50 Questions on the Natural Law
Peter T. Rohrbach — Conversation with Christ
Matthias Joseph Scheeben — The Mysteries of Christianity
Matthias Joseph Scheeben — Mariology
Lorenzo Scupoli — Spiritual Combat
A. G. Sertillanges — The Intellectual Life
Francis Joseph Sheed — Communism and Man
Francis Joseph Sheed — The Church and I
Francis Joseph Sheed — Marriage and the Family
Fulton Sheen — Treasure in Clay: The Autobiography of Fulton Sheen
Fulton Sheen — Peace of Soul
Fulton Sheen — These are the Sacraments
Henryk Sienkiewicz — With Fire and Sword
Henryk Sienkiewicz — The Deluge
St. Edith Stein — The Science of the Cross (biography of St. Teresa of Avila)
Federico Suarez — Mary of Nazareth
Alophe Alfred Tanquerey — The Spiritual Life: A Treatise on Ascetical and Mystical Theology
Mother Teresa — Meditations from a Simple Path
Tertullian — Apologetical Works
Tertullian — Disciplinary, Moral and Ascetical Works
St. Thomas Aquinas — Summa Contra Gentiles
St. Thomas Aquinas — The Catechetical Instructions
Francis Trochu — St. Bernadette Soubirous
William Bernard Ullathorne — The Groundwork of the Christian Virtues
William Bernard Ullathorne — The Little Book of Humility and Patience
Sigrid Undset — Saga of the Saints
Sigrid Undset — The Longest Years
Sigrid Undset — The Master of Hestviken
Gerald Vann — The Divine Pity
Gerald Vann — The Seven Swords
Hubert van Zeller — We Die Standing Up
Hubert van Zeller — Approach to Christian Sculpture
Hubert van Zeller — The End: A Projection Not a Prophecy
Hubert van Zeller — Praying While You Work: Devotions for the Use of Martha Rather than Mary
St. Vincent of Lerins — Commonitorium
Dietrich von Hildebrand — Marriage: the Mystery of Faithful Love
Dietrich von Hildebrand — Celibacy and the Crisis of Faith
Dietrich von Hildebrand — The Sacred Heart: An Analysis of Human and Divine Affection
Ludwig von Pastor — The History of the Popes
William Thomas Walsh — Isabella of Spain
William Thomas Walsh — Characters of the Inquisition
Evelyn Waugh — Edmund Campion
Gerard B. Wegemer — Thomas More
George Weigel — Witness to Hope
John C.H.Wu — The Science of Love: A Study in the Teachings of Therese of Lisieux
John C.H.Wu — Beyond East and West
John C.H.Wu — Fountain of Justice: A Study in Natural Law
John C.H.Wu — The Interior Carmel: The Threefold Way of Love

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