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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nick's Catholic Classics Reading List, Part V

Here is part five of Nick’s Catholic Classics Reading List. See this page for a further explanation of where this list came from.

Books that showed up on 1 of 16 lists, authors A-C:
Karl Adam — The Son of God
Karl Adam — Christ our Brother
Karl Adam — The Roots of the Reformation
James Alberione — Personality and Configuration with Christ
James Alberione — Thoughts
James Alberione — Glories and Virtues of Mary
James Alberione — Daily Meditations: The Great Prayers, the Great Truths, the Great Virtues
St. Anselm — Prayers and Meditations
St. Anselm — Why God Became Man
St. Anselm — The Virgin Conception
John Peter Arendzen — The Holy Trinity
John Peter Arendzen — Reason and Revelation
John Peter Arendzen — What Becomes of the Dead?
John Peter Arendzen — Purgatory and Heaven
St. Athanasius — The Incarnation of the Word
St. Augustine — Of True Religion
St. Augustine — On Faith, Hope and Charity
Jordan Aumann — Spiritual Theology
Benedict Baur — Frequent Confession
Benedict Baur — In Silence with God
Bede The Venerable — A History of the English Church and People
St. Robert Bellarmine — The Ascent of the Mind to God
St. Robert Bellarmine — The Art of Dying Well
Hilaire Belloc — The Path to Rome
Hilaire Belloc — The Servile State
Hilaire Belloc — Europe and the Faith
Hilaire Belloc — Marie Antoinette
Robert Hugh Benson — Christ in the Church
Robert Hugh Benson — The Light Invisible
Robert Hugh Benson — The Necromancers
Robert Hugh Benson — Come Rack! Come Rope!
St. Bernard of Clairvaux — The Steps of Humility
St. Bernard of Clairvaux — On Loving God
St. Bernard of Clairvaux — Magnificat: Homilies in Praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary
St. Bonaventure — The Journey of the Mind to God
St. Bonaventure — The Triple Way
St. Bonaventure — The Mirror of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Louis Bouyer — The Spirit and Forms of Protestantism
M. Eugene Boylan — The Mystical Body: The Foundation of the Spiritual Life
Orestes Brownson — Essays and Reviews Chiefly on Theology, Politics, and Socialism
Cormac Burke — Covenanted Happiness
Katherine Burton — The Great Mantle
Katherine Burton — Sorrow Built a Bridge
Katherine Burton — Witness of the Light
Katherine Burton — The Next Thing: Autobiography and Reminiscences
Alban Butler — Lives of the Saints
Fernand Cabrol — Liturgical Prayer: Its History and Spirit
Fernand Cabrol — The Prayer of the Early Christians
Fernand Cabrol — Mass of the Western Rite
Fernand Cabrol — The Mass: Its Doctrine, Its History
Alexis Carrel — Man the Unknown
Alexis Carrel — The Voyage to Lourdes
Warren H. Carroll — Christendom I, II, III and IV
Jean-Pierrre de Caussaude — Self Abandonment to Divine Providence
St. Catherine of Genoa — Treatise on Purgatory
G.K. Chesterton — The Catholic Church and Conversion
Paul Claudel — The Satin Slipper
Paul Claudel — The Tidings Brought to Mary: A Drama
Paul Claudel — The Book of Christopher Columbus: A Lyrical Drama
Paul Claudel — Letters from Paul Claudel, My Godfather
H. W. Crocker, III — Triumph
St. Cyprian — The Lapsed
St. Cyprian — The Unity of the Catholic Church
St. Cyprian — On the Lord's Prayer

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