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"Everything we read stimulates our mind to think, and what we think determines what we desire, and desires are the seedbed of our actions. Given this iron law of human nature--from reading to thinking, to desiring, to acting--we are shaping our destiny by the ideas we choose to have enter our minds through print." - Fr. John Hardon, S.J., The Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lenten Books

If you are giving up something for Lent that frees up some time (i.e. TV, video games, surfing the web), one great way to use that extra time is by reading spiritually enriching books. Here are few suggestions:
  • The Bible (of course) especially the gospels, or the books of Jeremiah and Exodus: you could buy a book that contains the daily Mass readings and read along with the Church
  • The Divine Comedy - Dante Alighieri: use this great book to begin your meditations on the afterlife
  • The Confessions - St. Augustine: read this classic spiritual autobiography--it will change your life
  • Frequent Confession - Benedict Baur: learn the value of receiving the sacrament of confession often
  • This Tremendous Lover - Eugene Boylan: a forgotten classic that gives practical advice for living a spiritual life
  • Abandonment to Divine Providence - Jean Pierre de Caussade: discover how to give up everything to God's will
  • Introduction to the Devout Life - St. Francis de Sales: another classic that can help you begin your spiritual life anew
  • The Rhythm of Life - Matthew Kelly: this young Australian does a fantastic job of synthesizing great spiritual and life advice into an easy-to-read, practical format
Also, watch this week for the first in a series of three Lenten video book talks.

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