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"Everything we read stimulates our mind to think, and what we think determines what we desire, and desires are the seedbed of our actions. Given this iron law of human nature--from reading to thinking, to desiring, to acting--we are shaping our destiny by the ideas we choose to have enter our minds through print." - Fr. John Hardon, S.J., The Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Read This Book and Get Out of Debt

My wife and I bought Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover about eight months ago and it's proving to be one of the best investments we've ever made. Using Dave's philosophy we've been able to almost completely eliminate our debt. In three more months we will be totally debt-free except for our home mortgage. Dave's approach is not simply a system, it's a philosophy--a change in the way we think about money and debt. And it works.

The book is very easy to read, and is padded with all the personal stories you come to expect in a book like this, but these stories are actually motivating and encouraging. A great side effect of reading The Total Money Makeover is that my wife and I haven't been as stressed out about money, even though it's been tight as we pay down our debt.

It's a great book, and the philosophy really works--at least it's working for us. Thanks to the SQPN network for letting us know about it--it has changed our lives.

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posted by Nick Senger at 5:24 AM

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